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Student Oral Presentation Review

Frequently I am asked to evaluate university students’ presentation or speech delivery in preparation for the appointed oration day. It is my pleasure to take students through the paces; analyze, advise, and rate the student’s ...

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Female speaker giving presentation in lecture hall at university workshop. Rear view of unrecognized participants listening to lecture and making notes. Scientific conference event.

Put Power in Your PowerPoint Presentation

Using PowerPoint slides to share information is ingrained deeply in many presenters’ psychic.  The abundant reliance on such tool has produced a variety of presentations, good and not-so-good, seen (and unseen) by assembled spectators, ...

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Wedding couple toasting. Close-up the champagne glasses.

Delivering a Wedding Toast

You’ve been tapped to give a toast of marriage; you know all eyes will be on you. Your words will be well received, with these tips: Begin by introducing yourself and your relationship to the couple (father of the Bride, Best Man, Maid ...

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Today's Guest words next to a 3d microphone to illustrate a television or radio talk show or program with an interview or discussion with another person or people

Creating a Speaker Introduction

Every speaker should be properly introduced. Speeches of introduction should be graceful, humorous, and fun…fun to hear and fun to give. An excellent introduction is necessary to a speech and speaker, as an attractive, pleasant waiting ...

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Challenges for Hospital Supply Chains

Hospital supply chains are at the forefront and face the brunt of the many challenges to health care. Some of those concerns are: Keeping the many moving parts of the chain working like a well-oiled machineSecuring high-quality ...

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