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The XYZ Company is ecstatic that you agreed to deliver a positive and uplifting speech to the regional sales team, and the venue is auditorium seating. Expected attendance is 40-50 sales associates. You planned, practiced, done research, and revised your presentation. You are ready for the stage. Then it hit you, a voice asking, “WhatContinue reading

SPEECH LENGTH: Christian Sermons Researched

Washington Post reporter Sarah Pulliam Bailey released a report by the Pew Research Center analyzing almost 50,000 sermons which were posted online by 6400 churches. Basically, to discover the length of Christian sermons – how long the clergy deliver a sermon (speech) and ascertain word usage distinguishing the different sermons. The researchers analyzed word count,Continue reading

What’s Ahead for you in the New Year?

Communicators and Leaders: what does the New Year hold for you and your associates?    There are various occasions offering opportunities to display public speaking prowess. As an award(s) presenter, you will need to know what the award stands for, the profound tradition associated with it, and why the recipient was chosen to receive the award.Continue reading


How to Express Condolence When a loved one or close friend passes, we reflect on the life of the deceased. Even if the person who died isn’t close to us but merely a friend, associate, or acquaintance, we contemplate life in relation to our own fragility and appreciate the blessings bestowed upon us. Knowing thatContinue reading

Exhibiting Remarkable Decorum

In their book, 50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know, John Bridges and Bryan Curtis simply writes in chapter 27 (Walking in Front of Other People): “If other people must move down the row where a gentleman is seated, he makes it easier for them by rising from his seat.” The above essential act ofContinue reading

Executive Presence

You’ve seen those who have a particular form about themselves; the way they dress, their attire is immaculate and perfect for their body type. They display a style of their own; consisting of confidence with a sense of where they are going, a sense of direction with no ifs, maybe or uncertainty. They are secureContinue reading

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