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Manners and etiquette are vital for securing new business and maintaining established clients/customers. Mannerable behaviors are an indication of professionalism. Possessing them will take you toward a rewarding career and invaluable customer-based friendships. It is stated that we become what we practice. Here are 9 manners suggestions that, if practiced on a regular basis, willContinue reading


It’s that time of year, students of higher education are engaging in final exams and for those graduating in May and August, and the load is particularly heavy. We’re in the spring and summer commencement season; a season where scholars are ending one stage of their academic life, and launching another educational phase or beginningContinue reading

Obscure and Elaborate Words

Are you yearning to replace a few plain ole everyday words in your prepared speech or presentation?  Here’s a list of 10 obscure yet elaborate words, with definitions, that will enhance your value as a speaker; even in casual conversation. Pluviophile (n.) A lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind duringContinue reading

How to Be a Great Guest Lecturer

There may come a time when you are asked to be a guest lecturer at a university or college. Guest lectureships can be short-term (one day, two weeks); and long-term one month, up to twelve months). Here are admonishments for lecturing undergraduate or graduate students, either short or long-term: As in other areas of publicContinue reading


What are the different kinds of events which call for one or more public speakers? What are the types of speeches delivered at these events? In this article, I list special occasions (not all-inclusive) and a short explanation of speeches to be given. Commencement Addresses are delivered at universities and colleges. This speech is gearedContinue reading

Why Hire a Speechwriter?

There are distinct and straightforward reasons for retaining a professional to craft words on your behalf. First and foremost, you will save time and effort. Writing a speech can be a chore for you, and the process can eat up a lot of your valuable time. A good scribe has the ability to help youContinue reading

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