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A Strategy For Difficult Conversations

By Lauren Douglass, Guest Writer There is a formula to delivering difficult information so it is best received and implemented. Front Load Empathy Deliver Topic Compassionately Listen to The Response Offer Assistance To Strategize Next Steps Follow Up Front Load Empathy Empathy is the ability to understand another person’s emotional reaction to a circumstance and NOTContinue reading


Coronavirus Related Terminology As the coronavirus pandemic continues its grip, we hear words that once weren’t in everyday usage. Words and their meaning that are now almost common; some new and some not so new. How do we define such terms and their use? Most of the enlightenment that follows is from the CDC –Continue reading

ANALYSIS: The Queen’s Speech on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Queen Elizabeth ll addressed the United Kingdom and Commonwealth citizens, from Windsor Castle, Windsor, England, on April 5, 2020. The speech centered on the coronavirus known as COVID-19. Here is my analysis of the queen’s speech: Queen Elizabeth II: “I am speaking to you at what I know is an increasingly challenging time, a timeContinue reading


Are we in the new normal? We usually attend meetings in a conference room, at a restaurant, giving pep talks to staff and other employees, up line and downline. We listened to presenters and traveled out of town for conferences, trade shows, seminars, forums, and summits. However, since the dreadful and fast-spreading Coronavirus COVID-19 runsContinue reading


The XYZ Company is ecstatic that you agreed to deliver a positive and uplifting speech to the regional sales team, and the venue is auditorium seating. Expected attendance is 40-50 sales associates. You planned, practiced, done research, and revised your presentation. You are ready for the stage. Then it hit you, a voice asking, “WhatContinue reading

SPEECH LENGTH: Christian Sermons Researched

Washington Post reporter Sarah Pulliam Bailey released a report by the Pew Research Center analyzing almost 50,000 sermons which were posted online by 6400 churches. Basically, to discover the length of Christian sermons – how long the clergy deliver a sermon (speech) and ascertain word usage distinguishing the different sermons. The researchers analyzed word count,Continue reading

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