You’ve been tapped to give a toast of marriage; you know all eyes will be on you. Your words will be well received, with these tips:

  1. Begin by introducing yourself and your relationship to the couple (father of the Bride, Best Man, Maid of Honor, long-time friend).
  2. Speak in a normal voice and use humor (in good taste) to put yourself and the audience at ease.
  3. Reminisce a positive story about the bride and/or groom.
  4. Keep the toast short (3-4 minutes) and simple.
  5. Occasionally, glance at the audience but focus on the bride and groom.
  6. Practice your toast in front of a mirror and in front of someone. While practicing, imagine an audience and the happy couple.
  7. End by asking guests to join you in raising their glasses toward the new husband and wife, concluding with their names, i.e., to John and Jane.

Bonus tip: If you are easily influenced by alcohol, do not offer a toast. Better yet, you may want to refrain from partaking intoxicating beverages at the event and throughout the big day.

You have this unique opportunity, on the couple’s first day of marriage, to play a vital role in solidifying their relationship to each other and giving the audience tidbits about the bride and groom, in a seriousness, yet humorous way. The person of authority, have taken the couple through their vows. In a particular sense, you are stating the finishing touches.

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