Frequently I am asked to evaluate university students’ presentation or speech delivery in preparation for the appointed oration day. It is my pleasure to take students through the paces; analyze, advise, and rate the student’s performance with an alphabet grade. As the student rehearses at the lectern, this is what I look for:

Introduction (prelude), transitions, amount of redundancy, stories (if appropriate). Legible slides (color contrasts, readability, and font size). Slide and oral content coordination.

The delivery is clear and understandable, good eye contact with the audience and well-placed gestures, timing (too short or too lengthy).

How effective is the culmination? Is there a call to action? How robust or memorable is it?

Additionally, I notice during practice sessions: breathing, diction, use of the stage area as appropriate. If something stands out during the rehearsal, we work to have its best placement in the presentation or its elimination. I speak with the student about being comfortable and channeling nervousness into positive energy and how to get those butterflies in perfect formation.

The student rating: E = Excellent; VG = Very Good; G = Good; NI = Needs Improvement

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