What are the different kinds of events which call for one or more public speakers? What are the types of speeches delivered at these events? In this article, I list special occasions (not all-inclusive) and a short explanation of speeches to be given.

Commencement Addresses are delivered at universities and colleges. This speech is geared toward the graduating seniors and postgraduate students. High school ceremonies are in this category as well. It should contain praise, congratulations as well as challenge and inspiration. The speaker may give a nod to parents, and talk about life after graduation.

The After-Dinner Speech is entertaining. It’s light-hearted and good-natured. Humor is essential here, plus a
mild satirical look at a topic of interest or relevance to the audience rules the day or evening.

During your Keynote Address, you will need to communicate the central focus of the audience. Set the tone and reiterate the theme of the occasion. Arouse interest, summon the audience to go beyond requirements, and encourage commitment.

The Awards Presentation requires research. You will need to know what the award stands for, the profound tradition associated with it, and why the recipient was chosen to receive the award. Highlight the value of the prize and the beneficiary.

The Acceptance Speech requires thought and preparation. Whether it’s your company’s annual awards presentation or a different awards ceremony, go beyond gratefulness. Formulate a few thoughts in advance, become comfortable with your utterances by rehearsing those words; good content carries the day.

A Wedding Toast – You’ve been tapped to give a toast of marriage. This short speech should be exactly that,
short. Be gracious, and eloquent. Time-wise: 3 minutes. The parents of the couple may talk for a tad longer.

A Speech of Tribute acknowledges and praises the honoree, and you explain what the person accomplished and what makes the person worthy of praise and recognition.

The Public Prayer is typically an invocation, benediction, or grace. It is part of a more substantial observance. It should be brief and appeal to a universal spirituality and reference the purpose of the gathering.

The Eulogy is a difficult speaking assignment. Whether at a funeral, or memorial service, one important aspect is to be emotionally stable. Here, you communicate what’s on your heart to people who need help dealing with grief. You provide words of comfort and assurance.

The Welcome Speech shows friendliness and hospitality in order to create a bond of goodwill among participants. The speaker set a polite, formal, and sincere mood.

The Farewell Speech is given when someone is leaving or when you are leaving. As the speaker, point out the inspiration you received; express appreciation and an interest in maintaining contact.

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