Recipients of thank you notes feel valued and appreciate that their efforts, gifts, thoughtfulness, and time is recognized. There are multiple means to send a note of thanks – email, text message, paper cards, electronic cards. I recommend using physical paper cards and envelopes.

Yes, I realize it takes more effort to send an actual card. The logistics can be time-consuming: purchasing postage stamps, addressing the envelope, placing a stamp on it, writing your return address, or use a return address sticker, then sealing the envelope. You might think it’s quite an endeavor. However, once you become accustomed to doing such, the process is second nature and tremendous joy.

By the way, to avoid standing in line at the Post Office to buy stamps, consider buying them at the USPS Store online Most grocery stores and pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS, for example) carry postage stamps as well.

Writing the card doesn’t take long but does require forethought, words of meaningfulness, gratitude, and graciousness. Let your expressions be according to the occasion and the gesture(s) for which you are grateful. Some instances to send a thank you card:

Wedding gifts, bridal shower, baby shower. Birthday gifts, graduation gifts. Christmas gifts (plus other holiday gifts), dinner party. We may also send a thank you card to teachers, ministers, coaches, mentors, and hospital staff.

Examples of writing this type of correspondence:
“Thank you for the centerpiece you contributed to my baby shower. The arrangement is beautiful and made the occasion a huge success.”
“Thank you so much for the new toaster. I’d needed one, and the one you chose is perfect for my kitchen décor.”
“I love the ceramic vase. I’ll think of you every time I see it on my living room table. It’s such a wonderful gift.”
“Generosity is a sign of a great soul. You’re surely one. Thank you for everything.”
“May life bring you a reflection of the kindness you’ve shown to me. Thank you for hosting my birthday party.”

As you’re writing, words will flow from your mind to the card you carefully chose. Write your thoughts as they come to you. The recipient won’t criticize you for grammar usage or punctuation. Remember the adage – it’s the thought that counts.

Earlier I stated it’s best to use paper cards and envelopes. There’s one exception. When thanking someone for a job interview or an internship, you may do so via a paper card or email.

Here are some personal thank-you phrases
*  You have been most helpful.
*  It was very thoughtful of you.
*  I appreciate your time and effort.
*  I am grateful for our friendship

Career-related thank-you phrases
*  I appreciate your assistance.
*  Thank you for sharing your expertise.
*  Thank you for providing me with advice.
*  Thank you for the courtesy you extended to me during my interview.
*  Thank you for showing what it means to be part of a team.

Conclude the thank-you correspondence with a warm closing. I suggest the following: With gratitude, Gratefully, Warmest thanks, With sincerity, Warmly, In warm appreciation, Warm regards, With warm regards. Love and blessings.

If you have many thank-you notes to write, an excellent way to fight fatigue is to write 3-4 cards in one sitting. Stand up and take a 10-minute break, then write 3-4 more cards. Allow yourself another break and continue the process. Have fun while enjoying the time-honored tradition of writing THANK-YOU NOTES.

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