4 Books for Promoting Well-Being

The first month of the new year, January, presents a new beginning in all aspects of our lives. There are the traditional goals and resolutions: more time at the gym or start working out to lose weight, increase income much as possible, be a better parent, better boss, friendlier neighbor, pursue career advancement.

As the COVID-19 continues its dastardly impact and vaccines distributed, thankfully, I reflect on 2020 and realize the achievement of a significant accomplishment. What is it? It’s reading. An explanation is in order. Being continuously indoors during the pandemic most of last year, I took the opportunity to re-read books occupying my bookshelf. I share those four books with you and offer comments about them. A side note – I thought about re-reading a couple of old college textbooks but decided against that exercise. Some things in life, I rather not revisit. So, in no particular order, here are my four real-reads:

CHASING AWAY the CLOUDS — Douglas Pagels. Blue Mountain Press. First printed in 1998. This book guides the reader through common and extreme difficulties in life. Mr.Pagels gives us considerable insight into philosophical sayings and sentiments. Reading this work is easy as the author connects each chapter with something seemingly spiritual. I could hear his soft-spoken, soothing words as he lifts the reader’s spirits, just what we needed in 2020 and for the foreseeable future.

BUSINESS ETIQUETTE IN BRIEF – Ann Marie Sabath. Bob Adams, Inc. Publishers. I re-read this one as a refresher. It’s an easy read covering greetings and introductions, mingling, table manners; men and women as colleagues, tipping, international etiquette, and more. Subtitled, The Competitive Edge For Today’s Professional, this 140-page written work in book form provides a good foundation for any career. Regardless of the copyright year (1993), Ms. Sabath’s words are not outdated. You will find them helpful, practical, and useful in various real-world situations.

THE OVERNIGHT CONSULTANT – Marsha D. Lewin. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. This work is another oldie but goodie (1995)—one of my all-time favorites books. Ms. Lewin states everything you need to know to launch a new career as an independent consultant overnight. At least in short order. Some areas covered are; Organizing and Managing Your Business, How to Set Fees, Marketing, How to Sell, Leveraging Yourself, Ethics. Managing Stress, Growing Your Business, and a long list of exhibits for examples. Re-reading this book was like visiting a long-time friend I haven’t seen in many moons.

THE 7 PEOPLE WHO WILL HELP YOU TO HEAVEN – Sam Laing. Illumination Publishers, 2017. This new book (compared to the other three) is a must-read if you want an advisory group or an unofficial Board of Advisors. Within the 142 pages, Mr. Laing discusses seven categories of people God uses to help individuals get to heaven. He teaches how to love one another as human beings, as others help us, and as we help them. The categories are:

The Visionary, The Prophet, The Encourager, The Adviser, The Mentor, The Learner, The Soul Mate. The author gives suggestions on how to select individuals for each function. You may surmise the religious leaning of this book. But as the subtitle states: Relationships That Change Our Lives. That’s what this book is about – relationships. It is applicable for business and everyday living.

Reading these four books (again) not only served as reminders but gave me a sense of balance against so many Zoom meetings during the early months of staying at home due to the raging coronavirus. May you find them beneficial as well.

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