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Are we in the new normal? We usually attend meetings in a conference room, at a restaurant, giving pep talks to staff and other employees, up line and downline. We listened to presenters and traveled out of town for conferences, trade ...

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The XYZ Company is ecstatic that you agreed to deliver a positive and uplifting speech to the regional sales team, and the venue is auditorium seating. Expected attendance is 40-50 sales associates. You planned, practiced, done ...

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What’s Ahead for you in the New Year?

Empty asphalt road and New year 2020 concept. Driving on an empty road to Goals 2020.

Communicators and Leaders: what does the New Year hold for you and your associates?    There are various occasions offering opportunities to display public speaking prowess. As an award(s) presenter, you will need to know what the ...

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Conclude Your Speech With Impact

A businessman is standing at a podium with a microphone giving a lecture with outstretched hands. Horizontal shot.

The conclusion of a speech should be upbeat, robust, inspirational, and powerful. Often, an otherwise outstanding presentation becomes ineffective because of a weak or lackadaisical ending. As a speaker, making a lasting and positive ...

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Why Hire a Speechwriter?

Writing a Speech

There are distinct and straightforward reasons for retaining a professional to craft words on your behalf. First and foremost, you will save time and effort. Writing a speech can be a chore for you, and the process can eat up a lot of ...

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